call me [ASH] or [VIKTOR]
or sometimes maksim or marshmallow. dont worry about it

my pronouns are he/him

please only use masculine terms for me!! thanks!!

    -> transmasc

    -> mlm

    -> asexual

    cringe fail american. unfortunately english only

    but i'm learning russian! so hopefully one day it'll be eng/rus!

      "Everyone who has touched you is crawling in guts guessing. I hope that you won't be disgusted with blood"

of fucking coure you're neurodivergent and a minor

umm yeah so im a minor so dont be a weirdo /: don't be a weirdo normally eitherr but

im also neurodivergent and um if u wanna find out WHICH neurodivergencies . its a secret u gotta study me under a microscope to know, sorry /j
    just. you know. the typical dni

    ~ NSFW / 18+ Accounts

    ~ Republicans / Right Wingers (idk why they would even be here)

    ~ anti-acab / anti-blm

    ~ proshippers

    ~ pan / ace / aro exclusionists

    ~ terfs / radfems / gender critical

    ~ transmedicalists

    ~ cringe culture participants

You're such a strange girl, I think you come from another world